Discover the innus.BankSuite for yourself and benefit from the combined experience of software development and banking expertise.

A formula for success that offers our customers real added value day after day.


Get to know the functions of innus.BankSuite:

Organization, accounting, product management, sales, auditing, overall bank management and the integration of satellite systems.

Phased adoption

The innus 4-phase model.

Benefit from the core of our philosophy: phased adoption. Instead of working towards a big bang over months, we optimize your banking processes step by step. With the innus 4-phase model, we digitalize your application structures in a controlled, gradual and sustainable manner.

Pricing model

Simple, transparent and cost-efficient

The structure of our pricing model is simple, transparent and cost-efficient. Compared to your existing provider, the potential savings in total cost of ownership are in the high 2-digit percentage range.