Initial situation

Challenging, innovative, digital

Nothing is more constant than change

Banks are facing major challenges such as margin losses, regulatory pressure and outdated IT structures.

In addition, we are experiencing a paradigm shift: it is no longer the banks, but new specialized competitors, banking supervision and the customer that are setting the tone.

The fourth pillar of banking

A fourth pillar has been added to the traditional three-pillar structure of the German banking industry, comprising private banks, public-sector providers and cooperative banks: FinTechs, market infrastructure providers and globally active technology groups. They are attacking traditional business models, changing customer expectations and thus their own sales channels and products.

The fourth pillar is thus increasingly becoming a serious competitor for the established banks.

Modularization of the banking landscape

The banking landscape is experiencing increasing modularization: from full-service provider (owner of the customer interface, product producer and platform operator) to sub-supplier of partial services.

Evolution and disruption

The process of evolution and disruption is in full swing and will change the number and structure of market participants.

New providers have a different perspective on the interests and habits of customers and make them the focus. FinTechs and GAFAs are establishing new service levels, and switching to alternative payment service providers is often just a click away.

In the midst of these changes, established providers must adapt their proven business models and structures in order to emerge from the situation as winners. This is only possible with modern digital technology, mobile communication channels, automated processes in the front and back end and an open system architecture.

Change your perspective and actively shape the digital transformation.