Phased adoption

Controlled, gradual and sustainable

The innus 4-phase model

Step by step to more efficient banking processes

Better small, safe steps than a big misstep

We replace the functionalities of your old system in very manageable project phases. In this way, we minimize operational risks many times over. The goal is incremental use with a significantly improved return on investment.

Phased adoption

We accompany you on this path in the long term and are available for you on site at any time.

Your advantage: You can continue to use your existing processes while the first migrated functions are already in use.


We listen to you

and get a precise picture of your initial situation. As your sparring partner, we work together as equals. This is the only way we can determine your needs precisely. This phase lays the foundation for the digitalization of your banking processes with innus.BankSuite.


As a proof of concept

serves as a concrete use case. This allows us to ensure basic feasibility and see how efficient the solution is. Then we set up a timebox. This forms the basis of our cooperation with you in the project. We also provide you with a staging system until the go-live.


We work agile

during implementation and data migration by replacing or redesigning individual processes that you have defined as "pain points". Only when you are satisfied with the result do we move on to the next task. The final step is the complete replacement of outdated software processes with modern services from innus.



in a German, private cloud. We are also there for you personally after the go-live. We will explain new features to you and support the introduction. Our German-speaking contacts in Customer Service and Operations are available to you around the clock. We also support you in test situations, regular IT security and disaster recovery tests and user training.

Benefit from the core of our philosophy: phased adoption. Instead of working towards a big bang over months, we optimize your banking processes step by step. With the innus 4-phase model, we digitalize your application structures in a controlled, gradual and sustainable manner.