Before founding innus, we spent many years implementing the banking software of third-party providers on behalf of numerous banks of varying sizes. We experienced the organizational, technological and price deficits of IT products from supposedly established software providers on a daily basis.

It was these experiences with failed Germanization projects, escalating costs, undermined performance promises, excessive testing efforts and a lack of compliance with supervisory law that motivated us to found innus to do things better.

Exploiting synergies through core banking solutions

At the heart of our own development process was the conviction that core banking solutions for medium-sized private banks can be presented with significantly more synergies. Unlike savings banks or cooperative banks, there is no centralized service offering for private banks. As a result, they have to rely on external software products that have their technological origins in the last century, dictate high prices and poor contractual conditions and leave them on their own when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements. A lack of experience in the implementation of core banking projects, as well as their own low staffing levels, often lead to implementation chaos. This is now a thing of the past.

API-first and cloud-native

Our German development team has realized the most technologically advanced banking system for the micro finance market in third world countries for a Microsoft founder, among others. This technological approach forms the innus foundation. Microservices, API-first and cloud-native are the keywords with which your operational processes are raised to a significantly higher level of automation - all paired with our decades of consulting know-how - this allows us to recognize and better understand your typical banking problems. We listen, advise, develop and implement your specific solution - together with you - step by step.

The central element of our considerations is the outsourcing of your banking processes to a German cloud. Made in Germany is the seal of quality for your bank. You make yourself independent of international operators and their risks. Not only is the development carried out in Germany - the data centers are also located in Germany. The first customers have already opted for innus. Our aim is to significantly improve their competitive position and profitability. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone: the use of the latest technologies allows you to master regulatory requirements and keep costs under control.

On this basis, innus offers medium-sized banks a modern, affordable and scalable core banking system as a service. We speak in simple terms without hiding behind anglicisms. Of course we can do that too!

By the way, innus stands for: