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With innus, Cloud Native Banking means: an open, modular, and standards-based product family. With our API-first architecture, existing systems can be easily integrated into new workflows.

Microservices keep the architecture lean and scalable.

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API-First: innus makes the golden cut

If you want to modernize your IT landscape along a data strategy, API-First is the best way to go. And the pressure to modernize is growing: new requirements from customers and regulators, tight budgets due to lower margins, and escalating complexity are all taking their toll on modern businesses.

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Microservices: small units bring great flexibility

innus utilizes microservices. By decoupling individual services, side effects are reduced and the IT landscape can be structured more modularly. Our development can thus work more agile and provide adjustments more quickly.

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Cloud Native: Cloud banking is our native language

Our applications are cloud native and therefore not tied to specific operating systems. Thanks to dynamic microservices, our applications are easily scalable. This allows IT landscapes to be adapted to ever-changing requirements - without incurring high investment costs for new systems.

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Hosted from a single source: the all-inclusive resort for your IT

On request, innus not only operates its own applications, but also all connected satellite systems. All data is certified secure, and our teams proactively take care of updates, even if they are initiated by third parties. That's how we’ve got your back - so you can concentrate on good business.

Decision makers are proactive

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